If you haven’t been living in New Zeeland or under a rock this past year, chances are you spent most of your time at home. This might have led you to realize that your house isn’t as cozy as you wish it were.

There are many ways to solve this problem. You could try creating some cute pillows or grow a small veggie patch. Here are some ideas for easy projects you can do for a cozier home! 

This idea has become a rather popular trend in the past years. The exposed wood of the pallets and the rouged design ooze coziness.

Get pellets from crafts stores, furniture stores, or if you want to recycle, ask your local supermarket if they have a couple they can spare. Clean and sand them off, then accessorize with cushions, blankets, and mattresses, ideally salvaged from an old bed or sofa. This couch will add a soft grunge, den-like feel to your living room and instantly creates a cozy atmosphere.

2. Vegetable Garden

If you live in an apartment, you probably miss vegetation and greens. And sure, tropical plants are cool, but nothing compares to a garden.

This is why another way to make your house seem cozier is to plant an indoor vegetable garden! You only need a few pots, some simple vegetables and a lot of patience. This guide contains everything you need to know about growing your own veggies.

A garden will make your house homier. Growing your own greens is a great way to eat healthy food. Having your little inside veggie patch will also serve as a reminder of a cozy countryside cottage.

3. Bookshelves

Having a bookshelf stacked to the brim and overflowing with books thrown haphazardly around the room gives off a messy, disorganized vibe. Like you couldn’t care less about your books. And we are sure that this is not the case. A perfectly organized library or bookshelf looks incredible and creates a distinguished air in your living room.

Consider adding some bookshelves in a unique design, be that a tree or a fancy geometric pattern. If you have access to some recycled wood, do not hesitate to use it.

4. Cute, Fluffy Cushions

This is a sewing project from start to finish. You can use store-bought cushions as a base and let your creativity run wild from there. Or you can level up and sew them from scratch, at which point you can start playing with shapes, color, and texture. You can make soft, fluffy covers from blankets and decorate them with eyes and smiles, cute patches, or whatever you can imagine. Create patterns and make these throw pillows truly yours!

Pillows will contribute to the cozy feel of familiarity in your house and they will make any room much more welcoming with their fluffy presence.

5. Candles

Firelight or candlelight can make even the coldest room seem inviting. You can make your own candles in any color and scent with a single trip to a crafts store. You need wax, ideally soy wax, pigments (you can safely use crayons), and a few drops of your favorite essential oils if you also want scent. Use cotton string as a wick. Melt the wax, pour it in a mold or container (an empty jar works just fine), and let it cool.

Alternatively, you can simulate candlelight with warm-white light Christmas string lights. Hang them around the room or put them in a jar and ta-dah! Warm, soft candlelight to make your house so cozy.

Project Coziness

Here are five simple ideas on how to make your house cozier and turn a bland, boring room into a welcoming, homey, personal space! Let us know how these projects turned out in the comments! Also, if you have other suggestions, we would be happy to read them!