A lot of people care about the way their houses look, and I myself can be included in this specific group. The reason is simple, though: the looks of a house can easily several aspects of its owner, from its status to how well it manages to organize and decorate it.

 Things like the paint, the front door, windows, roof, and even the fences, can heavily influence the aesthetics of a house. They are, in a way, components that make sure that the house looks good, but there’s another thing that can add a lot of aesthetical value: the lawn.

 Lawns that are properly cared for can provide a house with an elegant feel to it. Something that does not only look homely, but fancy and tidy. It also enhances the looks of other decorations and components of the house, like a garden or benches.

 Sadly, not all people know how to handle lawns. It can be rather difficult, even more considering that there are people who know nothing about it. Approaching this challenge without preparation and knowledge is never recommended… Especially considering the amount of time and money you can waste if you do so.

 For that reason, in this Omaha guide for lawn installation and maintenance, we will talk about the most important aspects of these two processes, and teach you how to successfully enjoy a beautiful house. 

First of all, before we talk about maintenance, we have to talk about choosing the right lawn for you. There are two types of grass you can choose from: artificial and natural. Each one, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the best option depends entirely on your circumstances.

Natural Grass

If you are someone who enjoys the process of doing something from scratch while taking care of things by their own hands, the best option for you is natural grass. Natural grass provides a lot of benefits for you and the environment, it is more comfortable to the touch, and at times, might look more beautiful than artificial grass.

However, natural grass does require more maintenance, and the process of installation requires much more effort and time since there are a lot of steps to prepare the soil for its installation.

In the long-term run, you might spend more money as well because of water expenses. If you are someone who does not have too much time to take care of your lawn, artificial grass might be better for you.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, on the other hand, is much easier to install and it is definitely a better option for those who don’t have time or energies to deal with the whole installation and maintenance process. It might be a little more expensive to afford good-looking artificial grass, however, in the long-term run, you will spend much less money on water expenses, so it is a good general choice.

The problem with artificial grass is that it might better to be left in the hands of professionals since the installation requires some level of knowledge and understanding of how it works. Artificial grass does require something known as sub-base, which is a form of base placed below it to make sure that rain and sunlight do not damage the surface of the lawn.

Artificial grass is also incapable of benefiting a family with the same benefits as natural grass, so it doesn’t benefit the environment as much when it comes to oxygen and heat retention.

Of course, when it comes to the installation process, anyone can do it, but it does need some research and preparation, and the process of preparing the soil for its installation requires time and tools, so you might have to spend some money on those.

Hiring Professionals for Installations

With that said, you can always rely on a professional service provider that focuses on this aspect of lawns. Professionals are capable of handling all types of grass, and also provide useful advice on how to choose the right type of grass as well as how to design a lawn.

This also means that you won’t have to worry about making mistakes, and you’ll make sure that your lawn will look good once the job is done. All for the sake of a good-looking house!

The prices tend to depend on how much work is involved in the process as well as how much manpower will be required to finish it, but when it comes to maintenance, service providers like this lawn maintenance Omaha, NE company have different types of plans to help you out with this.

Professionals and Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance can be complicated, depending of course, on the type of grass placed on it, as well as whether a garden is included on it or not. Most of the time, lawns only require a minimum amount of water every day to remain beautiful and healthy, but there are too many factors that can influence this, such as:

  • Weather
  • Sunlight
  • Type of grass
  • Quality of the soil

A general rule of thumb is to make sure that the soil below the grass is only wet by 5-inches, but of course, it is recommended to engage this process with more care and perform the right research based on the previously mentioned factors.

You can either water down the lawn by hand or using an irrigation system. However, you can always hire a professional maintenance service. This is a huge advantage since they tend to understand all the basics of lawn maintenance, and they act accordingly based on their needs, as well as yours.


Thankfully, you can hire their services in the form of plans, which involve monthly maintenance which you can choose based on your needs, like at what times you want your grass taken care of. Ideally speaking, this option is wise as long as you are not someone who likes engaging in the maintenance process of lawns, or just doesn’t understand how to do it properly. However, if you decided to go for artificial grass, you might jump this step and dedicate a little time to your lawn, or just buy an irrigation system!