About Us

Hey, Y’all!

I’m so glad that you found my website – Grow Herbs Garden!

My name is Linda Claire, and I’m a bit obsessed about gardening. Truth be told, gardening is my passion and hobby, so writing about my favorite topic just seemed natural.

Before I tell you about Grow Herbs Garden, let me tell you about myself.

I’m a 40-something-year-old woman – come on, a woman never tells her real age – married to the love of my life. We fell in love in high school and have been in love ever since, at least most of the time we are.

Together, my husband and I had two children and, now, we have two grandkids as well, with hopefully more in the future. I spent most of my kids’ childhood with them in my garden, and now I get to share that same experience with my grandkids.

What a blessing.

My family encouraged me to start my own website because they knew it combined two of my talents and passions – writing and gardening. In the past, I’ve written for other sites on gardening topics, and I host a yearly gardening club at my home throughout the spring and summer.

Grow Herbs Garden is a place where I get to share all of my tips, tricks, and knowledge that I’ve gained over my decades of gardening. I particularly enjoy growing herbs, hence the name, but I also have a garden full of veggies, a berry patch, and dozens of flowers.

I’ve even been known to grow microgreens regularly for my family. Those little greens pack a mega nutrient-dense punch! I also grow cut flowers, so my kitchen table always has a fresh bouquet, and I can share them with friends and family.

At Grow Herbs Garden, I want to share a multitude of information with you. We will talk about how to grow specific plants and how to garden successfully. We’ll cover growing guides for herbsflowers, and vegetables, along with some ways that you can use your harvest on the dinner table.

If it has to do with gardening, we’re going to talk about it.

When I started to garden, I had my grandmother right alongside me, showing me what I needed to do. We all have to learn somewhere how to garden, so I hope that my website can help you along your gardening journey.

So, sit down with a glass of tea or your garden gloves and let’s dig into herb gardening together. I can’t wait to share what I love so much with you.

Be sure to check back; I plan to update the website often, sharing more skills and experience with you. If you do need to ask me a question, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at lindaclaire.growherbsgarden@gmail.com.

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