When I was little, my digestive system didn’t work very well. Therefore, I used to eat very little and cannot gain much weight. My mom was upset, but she finally came up with the idea of cooking me dishes with Vietnamese coriander.

The result was unbelievable! I became healthier and ate a lot. That herb did an impressive job! So, what is this herb? And what can it help with our health?

Vietnamese coriander is also known as Vietnamese mint, Vietnamese cilantro or persicaria odorata. It’s a herbaceous plant that mostly grows in the tropical zones.

It has pointed leaves with dark green color on the top and burgundy red at the bottom. Some have a dark purple pattern on the leaves.

Vietnamese coriander is a popular component in Southeast Asia cuisine. This herb has a unique aroma, a spicy taste, and a warm property. Therefore, many people use it to enhance flavor when cooking.

For me, I have ample space for this beautiful plant in my home garden, not only because it’s my favorite seasoning but also due to its remarkable benefits as cures.

So, I won’t make you wait longer. Here are 10 incredible uses of Vietnamese coriander in healing.

Ready? What I’m going to tell you may change your way of thinking about Vietnamese coriander!

#1: Treat Flatulence and Abdominal Distension

As I mentioned before, this herb helped me a lot with my eating. The heat of Vietnamese coriander dramatically promotes the digestive process. If you encounter digestive problems such as flatulence or abdominal distension, try solving them with this superb herb.

How to use

Take a handful of washed Vietnamese coriander. Crush it into a liquid for drinking. For the remaining residue, rub it around your navel. You’ll see the positive changes after a while.

#2: Treat Diarrhea due to Cold Infection

Have you ever felt severe abdominal pain and then diarrhea right after you wake up and your belly exposes to the cold of the early morning? Well, lots of people have. And so do I. Luckily, the hot Vietnamese coriander can handle it. Here’s how.

How to use

These are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • 16g of dried Vietnamese coriander
  • 16g of marjoram
  • 12g of Aractylodes macrocephala
  • 12g of galangal
  • 10g of cinnamon
  • 4g of grilled ginger

Boil all of those with 2 bowls of water until there is about 1 bowl left. Split the mixture into 2 parts for a daily dose.

#3: Treat Flu

Again, thanks to the heat of it, Vietnamese coriander is an ideal solution for those having a cold. If you catch severe flu in the middle of the night when no pharmacy is open, search for Vietnamese coriander in your house. Now let’s find out how you can treat this illness with it.

How to use

Wash a handful of this herb, grind it with fresh ginger, add in some water, and then filter the mixture for drinking medicine. Finally, say goodbye to your flu!

#4: Treat Fungus between Toes (Athlete’s Foot)

Vietnamese coriander also works for fungus between your toes. This fungus is a result of having your feet exposed to dirty water for a long time. Also, it can happen to people who have to wear shoes all day, especially office workers.

How to use

After washing the leaves, crush it into a liquid to apply on the wounded area. Or you can use the residue to cover upon it. And remember never to let your wound touch water.

#5: Treat Ringworm and Scabies

Same as the athlete’s foot, Vietnamese coriander is also a fantastic treatment for ringworm and scabies. Both of these cause itching on your skin. Those with scabies may experience small red spots raised.

How to use

To remove these itchy spots, soak the whole plant into white wine. Either apply the wine on the spots or crush the plant to put on the wound and then use a clean cloth as a bandage.

#6: Treat Bruising and Swollen Wound

When you injure, it always takes time to fully heal. During that time, there are lots of sufferings. And if your injury becomes bruising and swollen painfully, this outstanding plant can help relieve your pain.

How to use

Wash a handful of Vietnamese coriander. Grind it along with camphor, then rub the mixture over your wound. After that, fix the wound with a clean bandage.

#7: Treat Snake’s Bite

This is the best thing about the healing actions of Vietnamese coriander. If someone accidentally get bitten by a snake. Don’t panic! Go to your herb garden and grab some Vietnamese coriander.

How to use

As usual, crush them then drink the extracted liquid and apply the remaining on the bite.

Here is a valuable tip. Before applying, tightly fix the above of the bite with a wire or a cloth. The sooner you do this, the better the result will be.

#8: Treat Skin Issues

Surprisingly, Vietnamese coriander is also a favorite herb of girls as it’s great for skincare. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antidotal effects, this plant is an excellent natural method to remove pimples as well as tighten the pores.

How to use

Crush a handful of washed Vietnamese coriander then mix it with some salt. For the pimples, cover them with the residue and fix with a bandage. You should replace the residue once a day.

And for tightening the pores, after rinsing your face with warm water, apply the extract on it and rewash with cold water after 2 hours. Now you can walk on the streets confidently!

#9: Treat Tinea Versicolor in Newborns

If you are a mom, I guess you worry a lot about the illnesses that your children may contract. And tinea versicolor is a horror of many moms.

This disease usually occurs in infants. It causes a strange skin color in many areas in the body such as chest, neck, back, and arms. Luckily, Vietnamese coriander is a miraculous cure for this terrifying disease.

How to use

Pound the Vietnamese coriander leaves and add in a little alcohol. Then, gently rub the mixture over the affected areas with cotton. Wipe clean the skin after about 5 minutes. Apply this treatment for 2 or 3 times per day for the best results.

Please keep in mind that because this herb is relatively hot, it can cause skin irritation. Once you see your child’s skin turns red in places that you’ve applied the mixture, stop using this treatment right away.

#10: Treat Sudden Heart Attack

And the final is a particular usage for the elderly. There are numerous diseases that one has to overcome when they get aged. Some of which are diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart attack, and many more. If you usually face unexpected heart attacks, this incredible herb can give you better sleeps.

How to use

Take the extract from 50g of Vietnamese coriander roots. Drink it with a glass of white wine. A simple solution to fight back your nightmare!

Some Cautions

Vietnamese coriander is undeniably fantastic. But there are still cases that one should NOT use this herb.

  • Women who are in their period shouldn’t eat Vietnamese coriander because it may cause over-bleeding
  • This herb may also weaken male physiology and lessen sexual desire; therefore, not recommended for men that are planning to have babies
  • Vietnamese coriander is specifically not for pregnant women as it increases the risk of miscarriage
  • Those who are thin and hot-blooded should never try this herb

To Sum Up

Vietnamese coriander is not only an excellent spice to color your meal but also an effective treatment for numerous health issues. So, I highly recommend you to grow this magical herb in your garden right now because it may save your life one day.

Also, don’t forget to like and share my article if you think it’s useful for you and other people. And feel free to leave a comment below if you find any other impressive uses of this herb. Many thanks to you!