The global markets demand faster, cheaper, and smaller devices to keep up with the growing trend. And none have understood this issue better than LatticeGear, who ensures to focus on developing the best scribing tool that is not just innovative in nature but also speeds up the process.

The process of scribing is a technique of high precision that creates weaker points and areas in substrates. Then the cleaving process is followed, which makes the delicate materials break at their right place. This requires the right scribing tool, without which it would become very difficult for the materials to break at their right place. It is a difficult and nerve-wracking job to choose the right scribing tool. This is why the industries of semiconductor and R&DS labs seek advice from the experts of LatticeGear regarding the finest solutions for their every project.

The varied scribing tools can be used for different purposes. Check out their purposes below.

  • FlexScribe

This is a newly launched tool that works on varied materials. It ranges from sapphires to silicon wafers, also with III-V materials and tempered glass that is thin and thick. It is considered as one of the most important scribing tools that have made its importance in every laboratory. The tungsten carbide cutter of the FlexScribe ensures its cut is straight, with no place for harmful rulers.

  • FlipScribe 100

All the substrates are not scribed on the front side. Few materials require scribing on the back as a constructive way to cleave the targets of the front side. It is mostly used in sapphire, bonded, and glass wafers.

  • Carbide Cutters

The deep tungsten and general purpose carbide cutters help in minimizing the particles when collated with the pointed diamond scribers. It works with glass, as fine as 1.5 mm, and also with silicon materials and other materials of crystalline.

  • Laser Carbide Cutters

This tool is specially modeled for cutting thin, hard, ultra-thin quartz glass and also the materials of silicon and III-V. The tungsten carbide cutting wheels make sure the scoring is deep, guaranteeing a non-slip start.

  • Uxcell Scribing Tool

It is a spring-type scribing tool that is used mostly by clockmakers. It can open up to 43mm while making a radius of 44.5 cm. The field divider calipers are mostly used during the marking process. Its points are sharp so that they play the role of scribes perfectly.

It is very important to choose the right tool as it goes, the right and the perfect tool for its right and the perfect job. The tools define your work and show the quality of your job and its perfection. The job does not stop with choosing just the right tool, for one will have to look for the quality as well. The quality brings out its importance during its usage process. Given that there are varied tool varieties, one must make sure to choose the right tool according to their job, giving importance to its quality for both business and personal needs.

The selection of the tool starts at the starting phase of the project, for many users start off with the available tools they own. Many fail to understand that every tool is specially designed for specific types of jobs. And if you are looking for a wise investment, then do not compromise during the tool selection process. It is the only smartest and secured for your project’s success.

But if you do not pay much heed to the importance of the right tool, no matter how hard you try, you will face issues with the end project. It will fail to give the perfect shape and cut, risking your investment and hard work. This is why it is better to use the right one from the starting stage than running the risk that would cost you financially and physically.

These are a few of the best scribing tools that are making their mark in the industry. It is manufactured, designed, and produced accordingly to achieve perfection and to keep up with the demand and expectations of the industry and also the competitive world. Therefore, if you want the best of your project, then choose the right tool for 100% success.