There are many trees that you can buy that would fit your needs for your home in New Mexico. The following is a list that you can use to help you decide which tree is best for you and are best for New Mexico.

There are many people in New Mexico that can help you choose the right tree, as well. Many companies, such as this one can help you choose them, too. Local companies can help you to better find them in some cases.

Tips for Tree Care

  1. Select the Right Tree for Your Purpose

What is the purpose of your tree? Do you want it to be for shade, decoration, fruit? Decide what kind of tree that you want to do the job you want it to do. Shade trees may be larger than fruit trees or decorative trees and therefore take up more room. These are things that you need to think about before you purchase your tree.

  1. Location

Where will you put your tree? Look around your yard and see where the right place might be. Be sure to look up to see if there are power lines or other obstructions that might be in the way when the tree is full grown. Look around to see what obstructions might be around the tree as it grows to its fullest. Look down in the ground to make sure there are no underground utilities are there for the roots to grow into.

  1. Characteristics

What kind of characteristics do you want for your tree? There are many types of trees, trees that are decorative and have flowers, trees that have fruit, and trees that have decorative leaves.

  1. Water Use

How much water does it take to keep your tree healthy? Remember that water in New Mexico can be a big concern, so you want to choose a tree that is drought tolerant. Be sure to choose a tree that can adapt to water that is available.

  1. Insects and Disease

You want to make sure that the tree you choose is resistant to insects and disease, some tree species are more resilient than others. Choose the right one for your area of the state, there can be different types of insects in different areas of the state.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Do you want to save energy for your home? Choose trees that can help you to conserve energy. You can choose shrubs and evergreens that will create an effective windbreak closer to your home. Plant deciduous trees that drop their leaves in the fall on the south side of your home.

  1. Trees to Avoid

There are some trees that you want to avoid planting in New Mexico. This is a list of some of the trees you want to avoid, and the reasons for avoiding them. You can find more information about trees at this site: They can also help you to find out which trees to avoid.

  1. Ailanthus – they spread their seeds and their roots everywhere, taking over the landscape.
  2. Basswood – they are weak.
  3. Birch – they are weak and have insect and disease issues.
  4. Black Locust – they have many roots sprouts.
  5. Box Elder – they are weak and have insect issues.
  6. Bradford Pear – they have weak structure and have disease issues.
  7. Hackberry – they are weak and do not live very long.
  8. Mimosa – they are weak and do not live very long.
  9. Poplars – they are weak, do not live long, and are prone to storm and ice damage.
  10. Russian Olive – they grow too fast, use lots of water, do not live long, and have disease issues.
  11. Salt Cedar – they grow too fast, they choke out waterways, and choke out the good vegetation.
  12. Silver Maple – they do not do well in alkaline soil, they are weak, and they have shallow roots.

8. The Right Trees

There are many tree species that you can plant in New Mexico, and they do very well in the climate. There is a list of the right trees on this website, and you can find the best one for your yard. This list is a comprehensive list of trees and which zones they do best in.


There are many tree species that you can buy for your home that will do in the New Mexico area. By reading the above list, you can find some of the best trees for your situation.