Weed has become a lot of people’s favorite recreational and medicinal herb. While it’s easier to obtain now with the spread of legalization initiatives across the world, recreational stores and dispensaries are still heavily taxed. This means purchasing weed can get very expensive for many people. Fortunately, growing weed is relatively easy to do on your own.

You’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to enjoying and consuming your weed. There are various methods out there for you to try—from using traditional tools like bongs or hookahs, to using healthier alternatives like the silicone Mooselabs MouthPeace which filters your weed and prevents toxic carbon particles from causing health issues.

Read more about the different ways to grow weed below.

1. The Ground

You can grow weed in your back yard if it’s legal in your area of residence. Use weed clones or seedlings that have already sprouted, and plant in the soil that you’ve prepared. You need to use organic compost and tend to your weed garden regularly. Make sure to follow the growing regulations of your country so that you’re not caught on the wrong side of the law. 

2. Pots

If growing weed is legal in your area of residence, but you don’t have a backyard, there’s no need to despair. You can grow your weed in a pot inside the comfort of your home. Plant the seeds or clones inside a sizable pot. Use organic material in your soil and avoid the use of chemicals to grow your indoor weed.

3. Hay bale

If you live on farmland you are probably surrounded by hay bale. You can turn these hay bales into your weed-growing sanctuary. The hay will become compost and naturally nourish your weed. Simply plant and grow the weed directly in the hale bale. Just as you would tend to your garden, you must nurture your hay bale. Water the bale and feed it organic plant food. Natural sunlight is vital for the health and growth of the weed plant. 

4. Grow Box

You can purchase a ready-made grow box if you wish to kick-start the process. Your responsibility is to then nurture the box by watering, adding compost, and making sure that the box gets enough sunlight. 

5. Grow Tent

If you have space and the intense motivation to produce high volumes of weed, you can invest in a grow tent. Make sure that the tent gets good sunlight exposure and that the plants are anchored in rich nutrition. Before you start your grow tent project, make sure that you understand the requirements in your area of residence for such large-scale weed projects. Some areas only allow for a specific amount of weed to be grown at a time. 

6. Closet

You can toss out your clothes for weed growing space! You just need to get creative about how much light your plants can receive when in the closet. For example, you can line the walls of the closet with reflective clothing. You’ll have to invest in a high-quality lighting device as well as a ventilating system that can control the odor. 

How to Smoke Weed

Now that we have explored different ways of growing weed, let’s take a look at the different ways you can enjoy your produce.

1. Hookah

You can mix the weed with the hookah flavoring for a more pleasant taste in your mouth. Make sure that you’re knowledgeable about how to inhale weed from such devices, in a manner that doesn’t place your health at risk. For example, one common belief is that the longer you hold in the weed in your lungs, the higher you feel. However, that ‘high’ is a result of the lack of oxygen going to the head. Read up on inhaling safety measures before you start.

2. Joint

Weed can be enjoyed in its most natural state. You can roll it up in the form of a joint. Use a filter roll to make sure your lungs are only getting the weed and not unwanted foreign objects. If you enjoy rolling joints, it can be tempting to carry these with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, any smoker will tell you that with this enjoyable activity comes with a noticeable smell which can make you feel self-conscious. Get a portable smell-proof bag to ensure a more discrete handling and storage process. 

3. Wooden Pipe

Look classy and chic while inhaling your weed by using a wooden pipe. Wood pipes can make you the center of attention at any social gathering because they’re an unexpected choice. Just make sure to clean out the pipe regularly to remove the resin. 

4. Bubbler

A bubbler is another great option if you prefer inhaling your weed. A bubbler is a cross between a bong and a glass pipe. When you light it up, get ready to experience a mellow kind of high. Remember to get a filter to avoid developing breathing problems. 

5. Vaping Pens

Vaping pens were originally designed for smokers who wanted to trade in cigarettes for a vaporing device instead. Nowadays, you can find plenty of vaping pens that can accommodate weed. You can enjoy the vapor of the weed without having to worry about the carbon components. 


Growing weed is a creative skill that you can try learning. Which growing method is right for you depends on varying factors such as the local regulations for amounts, space, and time. You can grow weed in the ground, in a pot, box, closet, hay bale or purchase a ready-made grow box. As long as you nurture your plants with organic compost, water, and light, you can expect a good yield.

It’s up to you to find a method of inhaling your grown weed that suits you best. You can smoke it directly as a joint, mix it in a hookah, use a wooden pipe or vaping device, or use a bong or bubbler. Make sure you’re using filters or mouthpieces to filter the weed. Carbon toxins can destroy your lung health and cause breathing troubles, asthma, and body poisoning. Always familiarize yourself with the safe and legal ways to grow and consume weed before you get started.