Few homeowners believe air conditioner maintenance is an unnecessary expense. What they fail to understand is maintaining an air conditioner constantly avoids expensive repairs, uses less energy, runs efficiently, and rewards its owners with low utility bills. Apart from this, the best part about AC maintenance Brooklyn, NY, promises a longer lifespan and fewer breakdowns.

If you want to enjoy the above benefits, then take up the maintenance task yourself and get started with routine AC maintenance. But leave the technical repairs and assessments to the experienced, licensed, and trained professionals.

If you do not feel much comfortable and confident performing any of the AC maintenance, then do not hesitate to call the licensed experts of VVOY Service Hub, the best service provider in and around Brooklyn NY.

If you have taken up the task of AC services yourself, then ensure to follow safety precautions. Before you start with the outdoor unit, take note to shut the power down for safety reasons.

Take a look at some of the best and easy maintenance tips for the ever-busy homeowners.

The most important task of the AC maintenance is regular cleaning or replacing of air filters. Do it once in two to three months and if you are a proud pet owner, then clean the filters every month.

When the air filter gets filled with dust, debris, and other particles, it loses its efficiency, thereby decreasing the airflow. This will make your system work harder, adding extra strain to the parts. Also, the air that flows through the dirty filters pollutes the indoor air, compromising its quality. This will bring a drastic effect to the inmates suffering from asthma and allergies.

2. Examine the Thermostat

This is the easiest task of AC maintenance. Checking your thermostat regularly for its right operation helps keep track of the system. Replace the batteries when required and keep it dust-free.

If you have an old mechanical thermostat, then it’s time to change to a smart and programmable one. It will automatically adjust the temperature according to the inmates’ presence, thereby saving energy.

3. Clean the Outdoor Unit

With time leaves, grass clippings, dirt, and dust start to build up near the outdoor unit. It then hinders the smooth operation of the system, decreasing the capacity and performance and also reducing airflow. This is why it is considered to keep the encircled area of the air conditioner clean and away from debris.

Before you get to start cleaning the outdoor unit, shut the power off. Then using a garden hose, gently wash off the dirt and debris. Trim out the grass, shrubs, and plants that have grown near the unit.

While washing the outdoor unit, keep in mind never to use a power washer as it will damage the coil’s delicate fins. Take extreme care and handle it delicately.

4. Check the Condenser Unit's Fan

Do you know that the main part that keeps your home cool and comfortable is the fan blades of the condenser unit? If it is not kept in its finest condition, then it will fail in its operation.

To check its condition, first, turn off the power and inspect the fan which is mounted on the top of the condenser unit. If you notice any cracks or visibility of chips, then replace the fan blades. The fan blades are easily available online and in the store. If you have an older unit, then oil the fan motor bearings for better performance.

5. Check Wiring and Components

The internal connections of the air conditioner are the most important components of the AC system. It is the internal connections that help the AC operation smoothly and efficiently.

To check the internal parts, switch off the unit and remove the access panel. Look for any signs of overheating like blackened or melted wire, burned wire, or anything related. Inspect the electrical connections for a tight fit.

If you find any issue with the internal parts and are not confident enough to repair it yourself, then get help from the experts.

Proper and regular air conditioner maintenance is the only way that will prolong the life of the system and guarantee smooth operation. Call the experts once a year for better and efficient AC.