An electric heat pump can heat and cool your home at the same time. It is a single unit with efficient heating and cooling automation available in today’s marketplace. Heat pump Tomball TX is effective and versatile with decent heating and cooling features, which it generates more than a unit of heat by consuming one unit of energy with every continuous cycle. The refrigerant is used to generate heat.

The process is simple as it seems. In summer the heat is used outside from your indoor space to keep the space cool and in winter the air outside is pushed inside your home to keep the space warmer. The condenser unit is used to produce the heating or cooling while the indoor unit simply passes the hot or cool air into the home. The heat pump uses the same size as the ductworks and unlike any other appliances, you don’t have to oversize your heat pump at the time of installation.  If you want reliable heat pump services Tomball, TX, contact the experts like Wrightway Comfort.

The heat pump works with the help of refrigerants as mentioned above. It helps in moving the heat from one place to another. The air outside is extracted and pushed inside your home and for the cooling process, refrigerant coolant is used in which the air is compressed and so the temperature is raised and so the further process is done by passing the air towards the hot coolant by increasing the temperature to adapt the heat inside your home.

What is the benefit of having a heat pump at your home?

The efficiency rate is higher because the heat pump uses only the electricity for power and the amount of heat produced is always equal to the amount of electricity used in the case of the traditional resistive electric heaters. The electricity consumed is always less when compared to other appliances. Usually, heat pumps are inexpensive and with the help of primary heating systems like gas, oil, or electric systems you can save the energy consumed and can also reduce the money spent in the long run. And also the heat pumps will reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

What can a heat pump do beyond heating?

The electric heat pumps can perform the same functions as the heaters, air conditioners, ceiling fans, room air filters with high efficiency and versatile performances.

Is it true that the heat pump stops working if it gets very cold?

The answer to this question is simple and it is YES! But you have to understand the fact that it needs to get very very cold to stop working completely. You have to understand the process that the different models will have different ratings and reviews. According to which the process gets simple and easier for you to understand. The output is noted in the heat pump and when the output drops the heat pump will work harder to maintain your home temperature. Generally, more energy is consumed to generate less output. The insulation does matter. With new technology and insulations, the heat loss is reduced and the heat produced is kept inside the home by allowing the heat pump to work efficiently.

Does the heat pump keep your home warmer?

There is a bigger confusion between the work process of a heat pump and the gas furnace between people. People often come with the thought that instead of installing the heat pump we can go with the gas furnace. But the fact is that a heat pump is always a better choice and heat pumps keep the room temperature always constant than a gas furnace. An eclectic heat pump will keep your home hot and cool better than the gas furnace.

Will the heat pumps wear out if it runs longer?

If you think that the heat pumps will wear out if it runs longer than it is a misconception. A heat pump is designed to run all long-year just like any other appliances installed at your home. The fact is that if the efficiency of heat pumps is increased then the lifespan of your heating system will also increase.

Wrightway Comfort provides the best heat pump installation and services in Tomball, TX. In recent years, heat pumps have come in with the best insulations and fittings which helps in increasing the efficiency and performances. Call the experts for the heat pumps that offer best output.