Do you know that your lawnmower can last almost up to 10 years? Here, I’m not talking about some expensive top brand ones; even an average lawnmower can perform that good while functioning round-the-year. However, the better the mower is, the better the result would be. So, before you buy, you may check the reviews here for the best of the options.

Coming back to the point of longevity, many may not agree with me on this point since land mowers often go out of order in just 5 to 7 years, but if we track back, we’ll find that it is mostly the result of poor maintenance. In most cases, people barely clean them after use, while some may even skip it altogether!

Any product, if not maintained, is bound to croak early; your lawnmower is not an exception. So if you want your mower to stay in top-notch condition years after years, you must ensure proper maintenance for it, which is neither hard work nor time-consuming.

Here is how you can take care of your lawnmower with less effort for the best result:

Most of us have this habit of taking the owner’s manual for granted, no matter whatever the product is, which often leads to the mishandling of a product. When we mishandle something, it not only underperforms but also gets expired before time. Therefore, one must avoid this kind of practice.

Once you buy a mower, firstly, you should read through the manual carefully, so you know its significance, usage, the proper way of handling, and the details about its maintenance. Then secondly, you must follow what it tells. Doing this alone may have a great impact on your mower’s longevity.

Also, keep your manual somewhere safe and handy to help you with your mower when you need a quick suggestion.

Go with the Seasons

Seasons change, and so do the workload and function of your lawnmower; therefore, they should be maintained keeping those differences in mind. Here is how you do it with the alteration of the seasons.


With spring, everything starts anew; then why not your lawnmower? It would need a little conditioning too. Spring is the time you prepare it to run smoothly through all the coming seasons, performing its fullest for the rest of the year. Therefore, maintain the following things ahead of your lawn grooming session.

Refill the Oil Tank

You should replace the oil of your lawnmower once a year, and spring seems like an ideal time to do that. However, the best way to determine it is by checking the oil level.

Usually, over the period, oil in the tank turns black, and you may also find debris floating on it, which is an absolute sign that you need to change the oil with fresh ones.

Make sure you go through the owner’s manual to get the right way of draining and refilling your mower since that can be different from one to another; also, check if you need any significant oil for it.


See If the Air Filter Needs to be Changed

Your lawn mower burns more fuel when its air filter is clogged or dirty. Therefore, it, too, should be changed at regular intervals. If yours is a paper filter, then you must change it every year. For foam filters, washing and reusing would be fine but only for a limited time.

Clean the undercarriage 

Your mower’s discharge chute may get blocked by the dirt and grass clippings that stick to the undercarriage after use. Therefore, scrape it regularly to keep it dirt-free and smoothly functioning.

You must remove the spark plug from the mower before you start cleaning the undercarriage, to avoid any possibility of an accidental start. Now use a wire brush to remove as much dirt as you can from the mower, tipping it on its side. Then with a hose, clean it thoroughly and get rid of the remaining dirt.

Replace the Spark plug

If you want your mower to start easily, you should change its spark plug every year. Spark plugs are convenient to buy and easy to replace. All you need to do is, unhook the wire of the spark plug and remove it with a spark plug wrench and then get the new plug installed.

But remember, if the new plug is too tight, then the mower won’t start, so keep that in mind while installing it.

Sharpen the Blade

That’s comparatively a tough job of all. But you must get it done. Otherwise, the dull blade of your mower will hardly perform and will end up harming your grass instead. While you can sharpen it on your own using a vice or metal file, it is not an easy task for a beginner. In such cases, feel free to take professional help.

Replace the Gas

Replace the old gas from your lawnmower before you start mowing your garden in the spring. Also, remember not to leave the gasoline inside the mower while storing it for the winter since it goes stale easily in about 30 days.


With most of the maintenance-related work done during the spring, summer is the time to follow up. Here is a list of things to maintain.


To keep your lawnmower in a top condition, you must maintain it with proper cleaning; there should be no dirt or debris to mess with its performance. Also, remember to dry your mower after cleaning and then store it in the garage.

Check the Air Filter

Your air filter must be in a good state to keep your mower performing at its fullest. So it is worth checking once to inspect their current state and replace it if needed.

Check the Oil

There should be no dirt or debris floating on the oil, damaging the engine of your mower. Also, check if the oil is fine, or add if it is needed.


It’s the end of the mowing season, and you are ready to store your mower for the winter. Once you use it for the last time, don’t forget to empty the gas chamber before you store it.


It is the ultimate resting time for you as much as your mower is concerned. However, you may want to keep your spring a bit light and finish some of the maintenance work beforehand.


Lawnmowers are a very basic tool for grooming our lawns and require basic maintenance as well. Therefore, let’s spare this little time and effort for them to avoid the hassle of using an under-performing mower or buying a new one too unnecessarily soon.