Have you ever watched dog shows on TV or even better yet in person? I remember the days when you could name each breed without blinking an eye, you knew if they were pedigree or not, and it was all about the simplicity of simply being a dog.

Fast forward a few decades and suddenly there are breeds you have never heard of, a range of dogs that seemingly look the same yet have opposite genetic make-ups, and criteria you would never have dreamed the pets would be judged on.

While I may not know what dogs I am watching these days when I flip through the channels and land on a doggy competition, the breeds still look in great condition. I put it down to good nutrition, and a dietary meal tailored and personalized for that specific dog breed, giving them exactly the sources of proteins and vitamins or minerals they need.

Simply Said

We all understand the need for good health and meal plans, it affects us externally as well as internally and a few tweaks here and there can have a significant impact. Our hair and skin look fuller, more conditioned, and we feel great too, the same goes for our pets.

A proper diet with wholesome and organic foods shows through in their fur, the coats are thicker and plush, their teeth are stronger, and they have a renewed sense of energy. See some quick tips in this link on how to check if your dog is at optimal health by the condition of their fur.

The only problem we began to face in our family was the fact that the products we had been buying all these years were not only increasing in price, but the packaging remained the same size, and, we weren’t understanding the ingredients list on most of the packaging labels.

As a family, we knew we had to make a change and my husband began his research. After a few weeks, and a couple of hours each evening, he concluded and narrowed the choices down to two brands that offered the range and features which appealed to us.

Refining Your Choices

If you have children you will know they are certainly never the same in terms of preferences, likes, and dislikes, and each has their personality, ditto for dogs. They enjoy various foods more than others, some prefer to lounge on a summer’s day, and then some savor the thrill of running through the sprinkler in the garden for hours on end.

We opted for a new product containing a naturally harvested ingredient known as CBD. To be honest, we were hesitant at first due to the knowledge it came from the same plant family as marijuana which we all know gives you a high sensation when ingested, but after reading a quick yet interesting article on the benefits of CBD for your dog we decided to give it a try.

What is so important is to not necessarily make individual dishes each mealtime to ensure they eat, but rather to tweak their diets in such a way that they can still enjoy their favorite dinners while being none the wiser that they are on the fast track to a healthier functioning system.

A Health Kick

We ordered a few products online for our pets, tried new recipes with them, and let it get to work, we didn’t need to wait long and in just a few weeks we began noticing changes.

An abundance of energy, thicker fur, and an all-round sense of well-being.

Both dogs had variations of the product which we read up about here https://www.holistapet.com/ and this meant they could optimize the benefits of the ingredient. The list of health advantages increases daily with the inflow of success stories and we recommend it to all our friends and family.

CBD has changed the quality of life we have to offer to our pets, their usual aging symptoms are few and far between, no whimpering from aches, pains, or discomfort, and we have peace of mind in knowing we are doing all we can to create a healthy menu.